The Brief

RE ZRO are a new brand redefining sustainability in sports impact protection.  Their material not only offers superior impact performance to its users but it is also completely biodegradable.  

The first of many products we have worked on together, working alongside RE-ZRO’s engineers. DBD provided concept work, defining the fit and form of the protector leading into production ready CAD. 

Flat Limb Knee

An EN1621-1 CE Certified Knee Protector.  This product was their first protector and helped define the design language for the entire range of RE-ZRO limb protection. The part is moulded flat but extremely flexible.  

We began with thumbnail sketches to look at the overall form,  progressing into 2D CAD to ensure all CE strike zones were covered. This 2D Data was then used to create paper templates to refine the size and shape. 

The armour is low profile, highly ventilated and extremely flexible. The parts are now in mass production and being received well by the impact protection market. 

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