Evercade EXP

Designing a Handheld Video Console

A retro handheld video game console. Designed as Pro version of the existing device Evercade Device with updated performance, aesthetics and functionality. 

Design By Datum, provided concept work, design development and production ready CAD working alongside Evercade and their manufacturing partners. 

The Brief

Blaze Entertainment requested a premium aesthetic which represented the new consoles superior technical performance.

The project began with 2D digital sketches, we presented a range of concepts coupled with a visual referencing package. The Evercade team pulled elements from two selected concepts and requested we develop this into 3D CAD ready for prototyping. 

Iterating & pre-production

We iterated a lot in CAD before making some block models to get a sense of how the product feels in the hand. We utilised 3D printing prototypes to refine button and bumper layout. 

Satisfied with our ergonomics we continued refining the details of the unit before handing over to the manufacturers.

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